A Specialist In Jump Racing…….. ALL-YEAR-ROUND

+220pts Banked Over the Last Three Cheltenham Festivals
(2018, 2019 & 2020)

Between 23/04/16 and 13/12/20 Snowy made a profit of 1,652.89 points using BOG bookies. GIVING A TOTAL PROFIT OF £16,528.90 WHEN STAKING £10 PER POINT.

*(from April 2016 till 13th December 2020 – all proofed to Tipster Platforms)

Bet With a Proven Pro Punter In Your Corner.

See for yourself Snowy’s OVERALL Returns Since He Launched In April 2016 – and all PROOFED to the TIPSTER PLATFORMS site!

SNOWY operates with only JUMPS RACING – he doesn’t try to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and master of none. Instead, he’s spent all his time focusing on one discipline and become one of the best there is at it.

Plus – with the National Hunt action pretty much ALL-YEAR-ROUND these days then there’s plenty for his members to get stuck into!  

Snowy also tackles the Irish jumps racing!

Awesome August Continues : As Snowy Banks TP Staff Another £653.4 But This Time…….In JUST FIVE DAYS!

Snowy is not another ‘favourite tipper’…he hits double-digit priced winners on a regular basis!

He’s the real deal…we back alongside him and you…and we’re so glad we do…check out some of our recent winning slips just since OCTOBER 2020, unbelievable prices…..




But best of all, we like to keep prices respectable!

Here are SNOWY’s stats that matter…………………
+476 POINTS BANKED (Oct 19 to 18th March 20)




And another win here!


Plus, you can see below how we also won another £588 backing the two winners in each-way singles!



Yes, with the proven profit that Snowy has been finding his members since 2016, then we really could command a lot more than the £39 a month – many leading tipsters charge well over £100 a month and their figures are not in the same ball park as Snowy!

PRICE-FREEZE SINCE 2016 However, here at Tipster Platforms we are not in the business of taking advantage of our members – far from it. Our main aim is to find the best services out there, proof their bets on an ongoing basis and only the top performers are allowed to join and continue trading under our name.

But best of all, we like to keep prices respectable!

Fun and Informative Daily Emails…………

Snowy’s daily emails are worth the subscription alone – he’s not one of these tipsters that just gives you a name of a horse but – just like in an exam at school – he’ll also show you his full workings out!!

Snowy is in action ALL-YEAR-ROUND!


His members love him………………………………………

Perfect analysis, with Stamina being the Perfect weapon for Perfect Man. Darren

Great job Snowy. Stephen

Thanks for a lovely winner ‘ PERFECT MAN’ Just joined the Bankroll Racing for 14 days. Good Luck. Siva

Snowy hats off thats why patience and the snowy are the names of this game thanks a million. Geogios

“Absolutely bl**dy brilliant yesterday!! Many thanks Snowy for a good boost on the betting accounts. After reading yesterday’s email, I wasn’t too hopeful, to be honest, but just goes to show what I know!! I managed a reverse forecast with Fortescue, I had a few quid in running (@17.00 and 22.95 on Betfair) and did an each-way double with Karakoram. My head is a bit sore this morning, but I’m feeling great. Cheers Snowy, you’re a star!!” All the best, Arthur

“Got my bet on as soon as you mailed it. Been very busy in work all day. 18:20 is the first chance I’ve had to check your tips. I nearly fell off my chair. Another MONSTER DOUBLE from Snowy. Xmas paid for in October. BOOM.” Darren

“Hi, WOW another great days tipping from Snowy, superb stuff. I backed both horses as advised to £5 per point and also had a lovely £5 e/w double, bringing a nice profit of £685.95 .As previously once again, many thanks.” Kind regards, Brian.

“Hi Snowy, Not again lol what a service did both in a double £15 e/w and as you suggested to bet over 1K again. Great days.” Tony

 “00 Snowy….licensed to print money!….stirred but unshaken in his quest to beat our arch enemy “the bookies”! ….our hero does it again!…three big winners, three days in a row! 5/1, 8/1 and 6/1. My winnings alone pays enough for 6 months of your subscription! Thank you very much Sir! (p.s. I realise you won’t be posting this on your site as it reads like a copywriter’s promotional ad for you….well I am not one of those, I am just a regular punter who’s just thrilled to have you on my side).” Tony V

“Just wanted to send some praise your way for an excellent service. I’ve been following your tips for just under a year now & even by your own high standards it’s been a Heluvagood run since the jumps season proper started.” RM

Unbelievable reading of form! The outsider won @ 10/1 and you selected it! How good is that. Amazing if you ask me.  Thank you very much Snowy. SJ

 Another truly brilliant tip on Special Prep. Jumped superbly and never any doubt. Thank you Snowy – Mr SW

Great selection yesterday. Much appreciated. I really enjoy your thoughtful and informative notes. Look forward to reading them each day. – Keith

All advice delivered in a fun and entertaining daily email (in your in box each morning by 10:30am)

Snowy’s bets are all worked out to his advised staking plan from 1-10pts, with this all clearly explained in his daily emails

(Note – these stats are not multiplied to make his performance look better like other sites often do!)

So, congratulations – you’ve found the best JUMPS RACING tipster in the business – as far as we’re concerned. If you know different………. we’d love to hear about it!

Yes, we are sure you might have heard these promises many times in the past but with over 16 years of making his sole income from backing horses then Phil ‘Snowy’ Griffiths certainly has the track record to back up that statement.

Every bet is PROOFED to the well-respected TIPSTER-PLATFORMS site – so there is no hiding place with over +1,459.84 points (up till 24th August 2020) banked since proofing started (April 16).

Snowy’s advice – even on a ‘No Bet’ day – is delivered in a very entertaining daily email by 10:30am.

All Snowy’s selections (win or lose) are recorded but with a stonking +1,459.84 pts PROFIT (up till 24th August 2020) since he went started proofing on 23rd April 2016 then it’s not hard to see why membership places have filled-up fast since going live!


Check his results for yourself You can see all his FULL results for yourself by clicking the ‘‘View Snowy’s Statistics’ at the top of the page. There are far too many double-priced winners to list them all but win, lose or draw EVERY selection Snowy has sent to his members is on there!

The GOOD NEWS is that even though Snowy specializes in jumps racing with a big summer jumping program now for the hedge-hoppers then members can tap into Snowy’s advice ALL-YEAR-ROUND!


Of course, some of you won’t know ‘Snowy’ from Adam, but his story is a fascinating one that has seen him become one of the bookies biggest enemies over the last decade – more of that over the coming months – you can read more about it and get to know Snowy a bit more via his Q&A section on the site.

In a nutshell – With over 40 years punting experience, and over 15 years now as a Pro-gambler, then experience and discipline are two key assets that Snowy has developed over the years – learning from his mistakes and, most of all, hitting the bookies hard when everything lines into place.

But Snowy’s main motto revolves around the ‘THREE SIMPLE ‘P’s’

All three are key to his success and if you want to make your betting pay then Snowy firmly believes that you must get ALL THREE honed to a tee!

Snowy really is the REAL DEAL –you don’t earn your sole living as a pro punter for over 16 years by just guessing or having a few lucky streaks – the test of time is Snowy’s greatest testimonial.


More Good News

You are probably now asking yourself, well I don’t have 40 years (or even 16 years) to try and test these methods and try and become a more selective, better punter – but the GOOD NEWS is you don’t have too!

Snowy has now been letting a select collection of members into his secrets for over 3 years and you too can now bet alongside a proven Pro Punter with over 16 years’ experience.

Don’t Forget, that Snowy has been making his sole living from backing/laying horses so he has no choice but to be thorough and confident before wading in.

His form reading, when looking at certain races, can take between 2-5 hours, while value is a big part of his approach. There is no point backing Even money shots each time – you’ll need to get 6/10 right on a regular basis just to show a small profit!

Going against the grain is key for Snowy and that’s where value comes in.

Snowy specializes during the jumps season Yes, this may be seen as a slight downfall but there is still bundles to take in and with over 1,652pts banked does it really matter if you’re backing winners in the flat or over the sticks?!

A lot of tipsters try and master both codes (jumps and flat) but as I’m sure you’re aware MOST FAIL. These tipsters are trying to be the jack of all trades……..but master of none!

In contrast, Snowy has accepted that his talents sit with National Hunt racing and this is constantly backed-up with his phenomenal results.

Plus, the summer jumps program is much more intense than it used to be so there is rarely a week that goes by without bets. If you want, you can get a better feel on how many bets Snowy puts out by downloading his FULL RESULTS on this site – you won’t be disappointed!

However, with all the main NH Festivals covered, plus the everyday run of the mill jumps racing then Snowy has always got something to say via his amusing and entertaining daily emails.

What are you waiting for?